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Teeth Whitening

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A bright smile can be one of the first things others notice about you and vital to making a positive first impression. Unfortunately, many common foods and drinks can stain and discolor your teeth, and whitening toothpastes are not strong enough to address the problem.

At Tomalty Dental Care of Parkland East, we provide teeth whitening services that can brighten any smile, even if you have sensitive teeth. If you’re interested in trying teeth whitening in Parkland East, FL, we hope you consider joining our dental family!

Whitening Options

At Tomalty Dental Care of Parkland East, we offer a few different options for teeth whitening. When you choose Tomalty Dental Care of Parkland East for teeth whitening in Parkland East, FL, our expert staff will help you select the ideal whitening strategy for your teeth. First, however, the following sections will give patients an idea of what they can expect during their visit.

Laser Teeth Whitening

While multiple tooth whiteners are available, the primary method to whiten teeth in most dental offices is laser teeth whitening. The specialist applies a whitening gel to the patient’s teeth, activated with a focused laser. At Tomalty Dental Care of Parkland East, our team has years of experience using this process and can ensure your visit goes as smoothly as possible.

While laser teeth whitening effects cannot address all types of discoloration, they are powerful enough for most situations. Using this process, our technicians can lighten the color of your teeth by eight shades in one treatment, with even more dramatic results possible with repeated application.

Whitening Alternatives

While laser teeth whitening can effectively remove surface stains from teeth, some types of stains require more aggressive options. Intrinsic stains are a type of tooth discoloration that affects a small area of the tooth but penetrates all the way through.

Because intrinsic discoloration is present throughout the tooth, surface-level whitening often fails to address the problem entirely. Fortunately, other alternatives can brighten smiles even when laser whitening is insufficient.

Veneers are an excellent option to achieve the brightest possible smile. Veneers are similar to fillings but are bonded to teeth to hide stains below. The materials used are typical dental composites and porcelain, so the process is no problem for a skilled dentist.

At Tomalty Dental Care of Parkland East, our team has helped many patients achieve the smile of their dreams through whitening treatments or veneers for more advanced cases. 

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Teeth whitening can have a significant impact on your confidence and overall demeanor. Ultimately, having the confidence to smile naturally is difficult to place a value on, so prioritize yourself and explore tooth whitening today.

If you’re interested in trying teeth whitening in Parkland East, FL, Tomalty Dental Care of Parkland East offers quality services at an affordable price. Our team has years of experience and will help you choose the best whitening solution for your specific needs. If you are ready to achieve a brighter smile, call Tomalty Dental Care of Parkland East today at (954) 419-5698 to schedule your appointment.  


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January 26, 2023
The staff at Tomalty Dental Care of Parkland East are AMAZING! I happened to stumble upon this office and I don't regret ever making my first appointment. From the time that I became a patient until now, they have never ceased to surprise me. The compassionate care showed from thee Best Office Manager Kim and my favorite Dental Assistant Anne and Hygienist Heather is unremarkable. Hurry and make your appointments with this office because you will leave smiling every time. Dr. Abdullah I want to thank you for being the best! Dr. Abdullah has a great bedside manner and her policy is she's not happy until you're smiling!! Kudos to you all!!!
Iv S
Iv S
January 26, 2023
Beautiful dentist office with very kind, patient staff. First time here and it won’t be the last, it looks like it’s brand new, very clean, honest dentist, great hygienist who did an amazing cleaning! And the office staff also very sweet!
Paul Schwartz
Paul Schwartz
January 18, 2023
Very friendly and accommodating staff. Great, thorough, honest and conservative doctor. Just relocated to the area and had my three kids, wife and myself in for cleanings. Needed a little work, which was scheduled quickly and done well! This is now our dentist!
January 13, 2023
I’m happy with the service. Recommend to everyone!
Andre Watson
Andre Watson
January 11, 2023
From the moment you walk in the first person that greets you, all the way to the last person you see, they make you feel like family. The atmosphere is friendly the rooms are well kept, the information you receive is clear. The hygienist is gentle but thorough. The overall experience is "breath of fresh air". We left there looking forward to our next visit.
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