Butterfly World

It’s Butterfly World is the World’s Largest Butterfly and Bird Park, located just west of the Florida Turnpike in Coconut Creek. There are aviaries full of exotic butterflies from all over the world, as well as a South Florida tropical rain forest. You can even find native Florida plants to buy to attract butterflies. There is also a museum dedicated to insects from around the world, complete with live creepy crawlies confined in glass enclosures. You might even see a giant roach, a scorpion, and a large Florida spider loose. While the attraction is not Disney, it is definitely worth a visit.

It is located in Tradewinds Park
If you’re interested in spending the day in the great outdoors, you should consider visiting Butterfly World Coconut Creek FL. This 600-acre park features many attractions including a model steam train, horse stables, playgrounds, and soccer fields. Besides butterflies, visitors will also be able to enjoy playing disc golf. Disc golfers will find two courses in the park that offer plenty of space for throwing discs.

It is the largest butterfly park in the Western Hemisphere
If you’re a butterfly enthusiast, you’ll want to visit Butterfly World in Coconut Creek. It is the largest butterfly park in the Western Hemisphere, home to over 3000 live butterflies of more than 50 species. Founded by retired electrical engineer Ronald Boender, it was the first butterfly park of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. The park opened its doors in 1988, and has grown over the years into a popular destination for visitors.

It houses more than 150 species of butterflies
If you’re interested in nature, a day trip to Butterfly World Coconut Creek FL may be on the agenda. The park features more than 150 species of butterflies and other insects in a 3-acre park. Along with butterflies, you can see hummingbirds, finches, and honeycreepers. Insects are not the only thing that attract butterflies to the park. Butterflies love nectar-producing plants, like flowers and bananas. If you’d prefer a non-bird-related activity, you can watch these creatures feed off of tree sap and rotting fruit. See more on our homepage.

It has a hummingbird aviary
Visitors to Butterfly World Coconut Creek FL will be able to see thousands of beautiful butterflies and other critters, including the famous monarch. The aviary is surrounded by lush rainforest, and a hummingbird aviary makes the experience even more exciting. It is also home to a unique lorikeet encounter, which you can watch up close. The aviary is especially lovely during the spring and summer months, when the flowers are in full bloom.

It is a family-oriented attraction
If you’re in the area, consider visiting Butterfly World, a popular tourist attraction in Coconut Creek, Florida. This family-friendly attraction aims to teach children about butterflies, their life cycles, and how to care for them. There’s also a monthly workshop to help families grow their own butterflies. Admission to the attraction also includes the hummingbird aviary, the largest in the U.S. Read next article.

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