Coconut Creek Periodontal Therapy

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Gum Therapy

Periodontal disease is one of the most common dental issues. However, many people don’t notice they have gum disease until they need intensive treatment to resolve receding gums. With gum therapy in Coconut Creek, FL, you can get healthy gums again.

At Family Smiles of Florida in Coconut Creek, we offer patients in the immediate area and surrounding cities extensive gum therapy services. No matter the severity of your gum disease, we can develop the most effective treatment plan. We offer individualized gum therapy for each patient.

Most Common Gum Treatment Therapies

As one of the top dental practices offering gum therapy in Coconut Creek, FL, we provide several gum treatment therapies, from scaling and root planing to periodontal surgery. Depending on the severity of your periodontal disease, non-surgical solutions may be enough while extreme cases may warrant surgical treatment.

Treatments we offer include:

  • Curettage: Dentists remove the infected tissue from around the teeth during this procedure.
  • Scaling and root planing: Scaling eliminates plaque and bacteria from your teeth’s surface and below the gums. During the root planing process, your dentist cleans each tooth’s root and smooths the gums to prevent further bacterial growth. These deep-cleaning services are most common together.
  • Antibiotic therapy: Other treatments are especially effective when combined with antibiotic use. We may prescribe an antibiotic medication or apply an antibiotic below the gumline to combat gum disease.
  • Periodontal surgery: For the most extreme cases of gum disease, periodontal surgery may be your best option. This surgery removes harmful bacteria and infected tissue. Your dentist may graft tissue from other parts of your mouth to help your gums grow back healthily.

Why Choose Family Smiles of Florida for Gum Therapy?

Why should you choose Family Smiles of Florida for gum therapy services? We offer reliable periodontal disease treatment that prevents you from losing your dazzling smile. No other gum therapy service compares to our level of detail and compassion.

By choosing us, you get:

  • A compassionate team to fight your periodontal disease
  • The detailed dental care you deserve
  • A relaxing office environment to calm you
  • Dental experts focused on your oral health and overall health
  • Aggressive treatment to match your needs

Get Comprehensive Gum Therapy Services in Coconut Creek, FL

Are you noticing signs of periodontal disease such as receding, bleeding, or swollen gums? Gum therapy in Coconut Creek, FL, is an effective way to prevent the infection’s spread and retain your original smile. With help from the professionals at Family Smiles of Florida, you’ll get the comprehensive, individualized treatment you deserve.