Coconut Creek Root Canals

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Root Canals

Without proper dental hygiene, you are susceptible to severe tooth decay. It’s not uncommon for patients with tooth decay to need root canals in Coconut Creek, FL. If you have a painful, decayed tooth, only one place offers the skilled root canal treatment you need: Family Smiles of Florida.

At Family Smiles of Florida, we provide root canals to patients in Coconut Creek, FL, and the surrounding areas. Our team has many years of experience preventing severe tooth decay from causing tooth loss. When you notice severe tooth decay, come to us for a stress-free root canal.

What Is a Root Canal?

As tooth decay becomes severe, the tooth’s inner tissue, or pulp, becomes infected. This inflammation or infection causes inconvenient symptoms like tooth and jaw pain, swelling, and temperature sensitivity. A root canal is a procedure that removes the damaged, infected pulp non-surgically.

Endodontic treatment results in a much stronger, healthier tooth. This permanent pulp removal also prevents the infection from spreading to other areas of the body. Your tooth will not need extracting, and you’ll experience significantly less pain.

The Benefits of a Root Canal

Our patients get root canals in Coconut Creek, FL, for numerous reasons. This treatment comes with many benefits, including:

  • Decreases pain significantly
  • Reduces gum and jaw swelling
  • Prevents infection from spreading to other teeth
  • Creates stronger teeth
  • Helps avoid tooth extraction
  • Keeps the jawbone from deteriorating
  • Prevents teeth from becoming loose

The Root Canal Procedure

Your root canal procedure follows these steps:

  • Your dentist numbs the area around the infected tooth with a local anesthetic.
  • They create a small hole into the tooth, remove the tissue, and clean the affected area gently.
  • After the dentist removes the infected dental pulp and blood vessels, the tooth gets filled and sealed to prevent bacteria and food from getting inside.
  • Your dentist applies a crown to the tooth to prevent infection from reaching the tooth’s core.

Precise Root Canal Treatment 

If you need a root canal in Coconut Creek, FL, Family Smiles of Florida is the best local choice. We work diligently to prevent infection from exacerbating already severe tooth decay issues. No matter how many of your teeth have extensive decay, we treat them all to prevent the spread of infection.

A toothache is not something to brush off. At Family Smiles of Florida, we take your oral pain seriously. Our team uses advanced tools for the most thorough root canal possible.