Tall Cypress Natural Area

This 66-acre nature preserve is perfect for bird watching. The surrounding area is home to over thirty types of ferns, making it a rich and diverse habitat for migratory and resident birds. Nearby Cypress Park offers hiking trails and a playground for children. While visiting this nature preserve, be sure to bring plenty of water to cool off. You’ll also find some nearby parks, including the award-winning Tall Cypress Nature Park.

Home to over 30 species of ferns
The Tall Cypress Natural Area in Coconut Creek FL is 66 acres in size and is home to over 30 species of fern and more than 200 species of plants. The area is located in the city and was preserved by Coral Springs High School students in the 1980s. The city and county purchase thirty-six acres from a developer and manage the site jointly. You can visit the nature preserve for a day or an hour to take in the sights. The Tall Cypress Natural Area is also a popular spot for bird watching; woodpeckers, herons, and other birds are common. You can also observe the abundant fauna in the depression marsh, basin swamp, pine flatwoods.

Those interested in ferns should visit the Fern Forest. This area has four trails, one of which is a looping trail through a cypress slough. Strap ferns are notable for their long slender leaves and their distinctive golden underside. Other ferns found here include Pond cypresses and the pigeon plum tree.

Ideal habitat for resident and migratory birds
The tall cypress trees in the Everglades National Park and the Tall Cypress Natural Area provide ideal habitat for both resident and migratory birds. During the spring and fall migration, visitors can expect to see the Chuck-will’s-widows perching on tree limbs in the hardwood hammocks. If you’re lucky enough to see these birds, you may also catch a glimpse of them as they flush when approached. A.D. Barnes Park and Royal Palm Hammock are reliable locations to observe this species. Back to our homepage.

There are 66 acres of tall cypress trees in this lush, green sanctuary. These trees are home to several species of birds and are considered a critical habitat for resident and migratory birds. You can also find other species of trees and plants, including sabal palm heads and red maples. The area is also home to some migratory and resident species of snakes and land turtles. The park features restrooms, parking, and seating areas.

Nearby parks include Cypress Park
If you’re looking for a nice park to enjoy a walk, run, or bike ride, you’ll find plenty in Cypress Park. The park lies on the west side of Cypress Avenue, between Mission Boulevard and Phillips Street. Developed with funds from the Ontario Redevelopment Agency, it was the 18th park developed in the City. It was opened in June 1995. Nearby parks include Hollyburn Mountain, Cypress Park, and Hollyburn Ridge.

A family-friendly neighborhood park, Cypress Park has an outdoor playground, non-reservable picnic shelter, walking path, tennis court, open play areas, and a scenic view of Boise Front. Dog owners should abide by city leash laws and obey the off-leash rules. The park is accessible via the Interstate 40 highway. It is open seven days a week and free to visit. However, group tours and other events are subject to cancellation due to low attendance. See more things to do.

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