Coconut Creek Tooth Extractions

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What You Need to Know About Tooth Extractions

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Are you experiencing severe dental pain in one or more teeth? Tooth extractions are often necessary to help relieve oral pain. Our experienced dentists may also recommend a surgical extraction to treat tooth decay, prepare your mouth for orthodontic treatment, remedy periodontal disease, or improve overall oral health. 

Our dental team is highly experienced in this procedure and will ensure the process is as pain-free and affordable as possible. 

When Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Our team will do everything to treat your dental issue with a filling, root canal, or another procedure before pulling the tooth. However, there are times when a tooth is too damaged or causing too much pain to restore. In these situations, our general dentist will perform a simple extraction to get rid of the decay and eliminate any discomfort.

How Does the Extraction Process Work?

After your consultation and diagnosis, one of our experienced dentists will oversee the entire procedure. The dentist first numbs the area, including your jawbone, tooth, and gums, with a local anesthetic to prevent any pain. Our dentist will then use specialized tools to remove the affected tooth from its socket.

While you may feel some pressure during the procedure, you should not feel pain. Let our dentist know right away if you experience discomfort during the extraction. 

What Happens After the Tooth Is Extracted? 

The dentist will apply a gauze pad to the area immediately after the extraction to stop the bleeding and start healing. You should bite down on the pad for at least 30 minutes after the procedure to stop blood flow. You are welcome to stay in our office during this time or have someone drive you home so you can rest. 

You can remove the gauze after the bleeding stops. You do not want to disturb the area for at least three days after the procedure. Avoid activities including drinking alcohol, rinsing vigorously, sucking through a straw, or eating hard food. You should also avoid brushing the immediate area with a toothbrush for 24 hours.  

You may experience mild swelling or pain after extractions in Coconut Creek, FL. Our team may prescribe pain medications or antibiotics to aid the healing process. Please take these medications as prescribed and notify us immediately if symptoms worsen.

You can begin eating regular foods as soon as the pain subsides, and you should start brushing and flossing your teeth within 24 hours. Resuming a good oral hygiene routine will help ensure the area heals quickly. 

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